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Guides for Revenue Funded Organisations

Useful references for Revenue Funded Organisations.

Business Planning

These first two document are to assist our RFOs with their business planning.

pdf - logo smallBusiness Planning Workbook

pdf - logo smallWhy, What, When and How to do a Business Plan

Organisations are welcome to download the following Activity Plan and Risk Timetable Templates for their own use. The templates have been created by Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson, who has previously held training sessions with our RFOs.

Word (MS) IconActivity Plan template

Excel (MS) IconRisk timetable and who to involve template.

Business Monitoring

The first document below aims to outline the information required by Arts Council of Wales during each year in order to gain information about how your organisation operates and is performing. The second provides a template to present this information to Arts Council of Wales

pdf - logo smallBusiness Monitoring of Revenue Funded Organisations

Excel (MS) IconBusiness Monitoring Management Quarterly Accounts Template (Bilingual)

Excel (MS) IconBusiness Monitoring Annual Budget Template (Bilingual)

Charity Commission

Wales office:

8th Floor
Clarence House
Clarence Place
NP19 7AA

All telephone enquiries: 0845 3000 218
Minicom for hearing and speech impaired callers: 0845 3000 219

The Charity Commission registers and regulates charities in England and Wales. They offer them advice and provide a wide range of services and guidance to help them run as effectively as possible. They also keep the online Register of Charities, which provides information about each of the thousands of registered charities in England and Wales.

As a registered charity there are a number of regulations and recommendations which can all be found on their website:

Useful Links

All Guidance: This is a list of links to all Charity Commission Guidance (provided in PDF or HTML format)

Annual Requirements: Depending on your charity’s income there are different requirements that can be found here.

Charity Accounting and Reporting: Details on when to inform Charity Commission of a change in details and also on preparation of Annual Returns and Annual Reports and Accounts

Charity Governance: Principles of good governance and managing risk

Conflicts of Interest in Arts Charities: A link to DCMS guidelines for dealing with trustee transactions and other similar situations where a conflict of interest could arise.

Charity Activities: This section contains guidance and other resources relating to specific aspects of charitable activity.

Download the information about the Charity Commission in pdf format.

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