10 Surprisingly Contemporary Buildings in Wales

Wales is known for its castles and stone cottages, but it’s also a land of contemporary architecture. Visitors will find sleek, stylish buildings designed by talented – and well-known architects – in urban areas, heritage attractions and even National Parks. 1. Caerphilly Castle Visitor Centre Blending modern with ancient, the Caerphilly Castle Visitor Centre was designed by Davies Sutton Architecture. Their goal when designing this modern building was to make it sympathetic to its surroundings but still a structure “of this era.” Welsh slate was used for the flooring and steel/lead for the roofs – a common feature in old castles. The pointed roof, a striking feature, rises up as if it were attacking the Gatehouse itself. The building faces south to maximize solar energy, and the adjoining moat’s thermal mass greatly reduces energy consumption. According to...

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