The Rise of Laser Cutting for Artwork in Wales

You might think that laser cutting is something mainly associated with heavy industry, and you would be right. However, in this age of international outsourcing and limited opportunities for many, professional laser cutters have had to find new avenues of work, and one of the most exciting of these is laser cutting artwork.

Yes, that’s right: these highly powerful lasers, used to cut through some of the world’s toughest metal, have now been tamed to produce stunning pieces of art. Many of the UK’s best-known artists and designers have jumped on the bandwagon and started commissioning or designing artwork that makes use of laser cutting techniques, and the results can range from small pieces through to ginormous statues, designed to make a bold statement wherever they are placed.

Generally, laser art is created by a laser cutting professional, however they are not usually the creative geniuses behind the project. Instead, they work from detailed drawings or illustrations, which are supplied by the client. Of course, laser cutters will have some input though, advising clients when something is quite simply impossible.

laser art work

What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting, as the name suggests, is a process whereby a laser is used to cut through material, most often metal or wood, in an incredibly precise manner. The lasers used are extremely strong – far stronger than the lasers used for procedures such as laser eye surgery, for example – and only a select few professionals in Wales are able to carry out this skilled and potentially dangerous job.

What are the Advantages?

Laser cutting offers a few advantages, with the biggest being the fact that it is by far the fastest way to get materials cut to size. The fact that laser cutting is so precise is also very important, as artists usually need the pieces to be at exact lengths and widths, to ensure that their vision isn’t changed in any way. Using a professional company for laser cutting can also make sourcing materials much easier, as they’ll generally do it for you, plus they’ll also usually be able to get the materials at a much cheaper price.

Do Laser Cutters Offer Any Other Services?

Yes, they certainly do. Perhaps the most popular is laser engraving, which means that even the most complex patterns can be quickly and accurately engraved onto any surface. Many people choose to use laser engraving for things such as trophies or other important items, plus it can also be used to exquisitely decorate larger surfaces, in a way that a human with a chisel simply couldn’t manage. There are also the industrial uses to mention as well, which still account for the bulk of work carried out by laser cutting companies.

Are There Many Laser Cutting Companies in Wales?

Wales has long been home to a vibrant art community, so when it comes to laser cutting for artwork, it is a hotbed. Anyone looking for laser cutting for any reason will certainly be able to find what they’re looking for, and there are many boutique laser cutting companies specialising in artwork springing up all the time.

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